About Seamorgh Company

Seamorgh: The largest poultry farm complex in Iran and Middle East
As the largest poultry farm complex in the Middle East and biggest producer and marketer of fresh shell egg in Iran with more than 40 years of service Seamorgh Company has nine production facilities in six provinces of Esfahan, Qazvin, Khorasan, Kerman, Hamedan and Yazd.
Seamorgh company current annual production capacity is 45,000 tons of fresh shell eggs, 30 million of day old broiler chicks, 7 million of day old layer chicks with raising capacity of 1,640,000 pullets. We have modern feed producing and packing mills covering significant part of the country feed market.
Operating in more than a single segment, in addition to fresh shell egg and day old chicks mass production, Seamorgh Company is heavily engaged in pelleted fertilizer (poultry manure) production , horticulture and agriculture operations including 220 hectares of pistachio orchards. As the largest producer of fresh shell eggs in Iran and beholden to adjacency of fresh shell egg production facilities to its packing units, with no need for collecting near and far originated fresh shell eggs and the Company facilities extensive geographical through the country, with considerable daily production , our customers can be assured they receiving the freshest , highest quality and best taste eggs which makes Seamorgh company products distinctive and unique in the market.
To fulfill the customer orientation goals in terms of egg quality and wholesomeness, supplying the freshest eggs to the market and achieving the global standards, we employ advanced controlling equipments which automatically conduct the quality control measures by automatic grading, weighting and packing.
Main office address:
No.209, adjacent to Golfam, Nelson Mandela (Africa) Ave.

Postal Code: 1915673438

Tel: 021-22050495-7
Fresh shell egg sale Dept. telefax: 021-22050399
Day old chick sale Dept. Telefax: 021-22056118