Kerman Facility


An overview of Kerman Unit
Year of Establishment: 1975
Farm Area: 380 hectares
Type of Activity: Egg Production, Raising Layers, Raising Broiler Breeders, Raising Pullets and Poultry Feed Production Plant
Production Capacity: 18,000 MT of Table Eggs/ year, 22 saloons for egg laying hens with the nominal capacity of 1,020,000 birds, broiler breeders with the capacity of 116,000 birds and 4 saloons for breeding layer pullets with the capacity 350,000 birds.
This unit has 2 poultry feed factories with the total capacity of 40 MT/ hour.

Farm No. 1:
Postal Address of Farm: km 7 of Mahan Road, Kerman, [Iran]Farm Tel.: [+98]3433312151-4
Farm Fax: [+98]3433310974

Farm No. 2:
Address of Farm: km 8 of Bahramjerd Village to Golzar, Bardsir City, Kerman, [Iran]Tel.: [+98]3433550495,
Mobile: [+98]9134417322
Fax: [+98]3433550707

Farm No. 3:
Address of Farm: km 3 of Bahramjerd Road to Negar
Tel.: [+98]34333550110

Address of Management Office and Sale
At the Corner of Alley 27, Imam Khomeini St., Kerman, [Iran]. Postcode: 7613953943
Tel. and Fax of Sale Office: [+98]3432231203, 3432231204
Tel. and Fax of Management Office: [+98]3432225690-91

RowUnit Information
1Area380 Hectares
2Egg Production / Year18,000 MTN
3Layers1,020,000 birds
4Broiler Breeders116,000 birds
5Poultry Feed Factory40 MT/hour