Laljin Hamedan Facility

An overview of Lalegin Unit
Year of Establishment: 2004
Farm Area: 7 hectares
Type of Activity: Breeding of Layer Grand Parents(GP)
Capacity: 4 saloons with the capacity of 6667 birds
3 hectares of land for wheat cultivation
A poultry feed Plant with the capacity of 4 MT/hour
The required water of this unit is supplied through a well.
Address and Contact No.
Postal Address of the Farm: Breeding Layer Farm of Simorgh Co., km 10 of Industrial Township Road and Gonbadan Village, Lalegin , Hamedan, [Iran]. Postal code: 6534117915
Telefax of Farm: [+98]81538248022, 81538248033, 81538248044

RowUnit InformationCapacity
1Area7 Hectares
2Layer Grand Parent6667 birds
3Area of Agriculture Land3 Hectares