Yazd Facility

An overview of Yazd Unit

Year of Establishment: 1976

Farm Area: 70 hectares

Type of Activity: Egg Production, Raising Layers, Raising Pullets, Poultry Feed Production Plant.

Production Capacity: 15,500 MT of Table Eggs/ year, 4 saloons for raising pullets with the capacity of 400,000 birds, 13 saloons for raising layer hens with the capacity of 880,000 birds. A poultry feed Plant with the capacity of 20 MT/hour feed production.

The required water of this unit is supplied through a deep well.

Postal Address of the Farm: Left Side, Deshir Intersection, 10 km to Herat and Marvast, Tangehchenar, Mehriz, [Yazd Province, Iran]

Farm Tel.: [+98]3532559458-60, 3538413901-2

Address of the Management Office and Sales

Postal Address of Management Office and Sales: At the Corner of Yass Alley, Kowsar Boulevard, Yazd, [Iran]

Fax: [+98]3537331384

Tel. of Sale Office: [+98]3537242215, 3537243190

Phone Booth: [+98]3537264383-84

RowUnit InformationCapacity
1Area70 Hectares
2Egg Production/ Year15,500 MT
3Breeding of Broiler Layer880,000 birds
4Breeding of Pullet Layer400,000 birds
5Poultry Feed Factory20 MT/hour