Ziaran Facility

An overview of Ziyaran Unit
Year of Establishment: 1976
Farm Area: 140 hectares
Type of Activity: Breeding of Breeding broiler and Breeding layer
Production Capacity: 16 saloons for broiler breeders with the nominal capacity of 120,000 birds, 8 saloons for layer breeders with the nominal capacity of 60,000 birds
The hatchery is equipped with 12 setters and 12 hatchers with a capacity of 16 million hatching eggs
80 hectares of agricultural lands for the cultivation of wheat, corn, and fruit garden.
The required water for this unit is supplied through 2 wells and one aqueduct.
Address and Contact No.
Post Address of Farm: km 7 of Ghazvin Road, Abyek, [Ghazvin Province, Iran].
Postcode: 3441154111
Farm Tel.: [+98]2832933894-6
Farm Fax: [+98]2832823263

RowUnit InformationCapacity
1Area140 Hectares
2Broiler Breeder120,000 birds
3Broiler Layer60,000 birds
4Hatchery16 Million of Fertile Eggs
5Area of Agricultural Land80 Hectares