Boenzahra Facility

The farm was established in 1977 in a 600 hectare plot of land with raising capacity of 1,000,000 pullets including:
• 48 of pullet houses with raising capacity of 22000 pullets each,
• feed mill with annual production capacity of 4,500 tons,
• Pistachio processing and packing station with modern equipments capacity of 2 tons per hour
• 200 hectares of pistachio orchard with domestic pistachio (green nut) and non domestic ones such as Ahadi, Akbari and Kale Ghochi.
Farm Postal address: Km 40 Boien Zahra road, Qazvin
Tel: 028-34427320-2 Fax : 028-34427360
Sale unit address: No.523, before Sazman fani Herfehhi,Modarres Blvd., Qazvin
Postal Code: 34139-75943
Sale unit Tel: 028-33364446 &33361666-7 Sale unit fax : 028-33364445