Boenzahra Facility

An overview of Boueinzahra Unit
Year of Establishment: 1977
Farm Area: 600 hectares
Type of Activity: Raising Pullets, Poultry Feed Production Plant, Pistachio Processing and Packaging Station, Agricultural Products
Production Capacity: 1,000,000 Pullets / period, Poultry Feed Plant with the capacity of 40 MT/ hour, 48 saloons for the raising Pullets with the nominal capacity of 22,000 birds / saloon, Pistachio Processing and Packaging Station with advanced machinery and capacity of 2 MT/ hour, 200 hectares of Pistachio garden including all kinds of local Pistachio (green nut) and non-local such as Ouhaddi, Akbari and Kalleh Ghouchi.
The water required for this unit is supplied through 4 wells.
Address and Contact No.
Post Address of Management Office: km 15 of Ghazvin Road, Boueinzahra, [Iran].
P O Box 34515-1119
Farm Tel.: [+98]2834427320-2
Farm Fax: [+98]2834427360
Tel. of Poultry Feed Factory: [+98]2834427318

RowUnit InformationCapacity
1Area600 Hectares
2Raising Pullets1,000,000 birds
3Poultry Feed Plant40 MT/ hour
4Pistachio Processing and Packaging Station2 MT/ hour
5Area of Agricultural Land200 Hectares