Kerman Facility

Seamorgh Company owns two egg production and day old broiler chicks farms in Kerman province as described below:

Farm No.1

The farm was established in 1975 in a 300 hectare plot of land producing 8,000 tons of fresh shell eggs annually. The farm includes 16 layer houses with raising capacity of 560,000 layers and a feed mill with annual production capacity of 40,000 tons.

Postal address: Km 7 Mahan road, Kerman

Tel: 034-33310974-33312151-2     Fax: 034-33313588

Farm No.2

The farm was established in 2012 in Golzar area of Bardsir city raising capacity for 150,000 broiler breeder in three phases 50,000 each with annual production of 11,000,000 broiler breeders.

Address: Golzar, Km 8 of Bahr Amjard village, Bardsir, Kerman

Tel: Phase 1: 0913-4417705 and 0913-4417322  Fax:034-3550707     Phase 2: 09132969845

Management office and sale unit address: Adjacent to 27th alley, Imam Khomeini St.,Kerman Postal code: 7613953943

Sale unit Tel & fax:034-32234452 & 034-32231204

Management office Tel & fax:034-32225691 & 034-32225690