Khorasan Facility

An overview of Khorasan Unit
Year of Establishment: 1976
Farm Area: 750 hectares
Type of Activity: Egg Production, Broiler and Layer Day-old Chick Production, Hatchery, Pullet Breeding, Layer Breeding, Layer and Broiler Breeder, Poultry Feed Plant, Agricultural Lands
Production Capacity: 11,000 MT of Table Eggs, 16,000,000 Broiler Day-old Chicks and or 7,000,000 Layer Day-old Chicks / Year, 4 saloons for raising pullet with the capacity of 250,000 birds, 12 saloons for raising layers with the capacity of 720,000 birds, 24 saloons for broiler breeder with the capacity of 140,000 birds, raising 35,000 layer breeders, hatchery with the capacity of 20 million hatching eggs, poultry feed production plant with the capacity of 40 MTN/ Hour
The hatchery is equipped with 20 setters and 10 hatchers with a capacity of 20 million hatching eggs.
This unit has 450 hectares of agricultural lands and the required water for this unit is supplied through 7 wells and 1 aqueduct. This farm is equipped with 2 emergency power generators with the capacity of 2,000 kv Ampere.
Postal Address of the Farm: km 100 of Mashhad Road, Ghouchan, Mashhad, [Iran]. P O Box 135
Farm Tel.: [+98]5142383384-9
Farm Fax: [+98]5147383384-5

Post Address of Management Office and Sale
No. 47, Opposite to Northern Gate of Mellat Park, Molallem Boulevard, Mashhad, [Iran]. Postcode: 9188613881
Tel. of Mashhad Office: [+98]5136082940-2
Fax: [+98]5136082944
Tel. of Sale Office: [+98]5136083896-9
Telefax of Sale Office: [+98]5136011107
Tel. of Management Office: [+98]5136083893


RowUnit InformationCapacity
1Area750 Hectares
2Egg Production11,000 MT
3Layers720,000 birds
4Pullet Production/ Period250,000 birds
5Broiler Breeders140,000 birds
6Layer Breeder35,000 birds
7Broiler Day-old Chick
Layer Day-old Chick
16 million
7 million
8Poultry Feed Plant40 MTN/ hour
9Area of Agricultural Land450 Hectares